Happiness is January in My Rear View Mirror

Wow what an eventful month.

It started with a fever on New Years Day which ended up causing me to be hospitalized for eight days.  During this time I was not only left dehydrated (how does that happen in a hospital?) but, due to the five or six different antibiotics they administered via IV, with a gut which was left devoid of any beneficial bacteria to aid in digestion.  Brother I am here to tell you that you DO want those probiotics in your system because without them I blew up like a balloon with much gas and not just a little pain.

The dehydration issue was addressed at my next doctors appointment via three liters of IV fluids, but I guess it takes a lot more time to fully recover than just the time to get fluids back in you.  I am still suffering some fatigue from this.

Then last Sunday, January 27, my dad passed away.  Dealing with making arrangements and hosting family and friends to celebrate his life and his passing was the final blow to my stamina.  I am a wreck.  I came back to work after three days off because I thought it best to try to get back into the normal flow as soon as I could, but I struggle to make it through the day.  I cannot sleep, still suffer gas when I eat and have fatigue that is beginning to feel like the dehydration fatigue.  If I let myself get dehydrated again, my oncologist is going to be furious.

Those chemotherapy infusions each two weeks sure make it more difficult to try to get back to even with everything.  I just can’t seem to catch up.

I need a break, I need something to go my way.  January fading into February may be just the ticket.

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